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Department of Education



The Education Department has awarded Factor4 a subsidy of €100,000 to start an interesting energy saving project in two schools. We are working together with Metiz and Goodplanet on this project. The intention is to realize small and large savings in schools.

The two main barriers to the realization of energy projects in schools can be briefly summarized: no time and no money. By applying quick wins to the school's existing (heating) installations, we want to free up money to completely relieve the board of the burden of finding, preparing, financing and realizing a larger-scale energy renovation project.

At the start of the project, energy monitoring systems were installed to allow our experts to remotely retrieve and analyze consumption data. Based on that information, we define the quick-win measures.

The proceeds from the quick wins are used to:

  • to relieve the school board of any worries when starting up and following up a more in-depth energy renovation project and looking for financing for it

  • to contribute to repaying the financing for that energy renovation

  • In addition, we want to raise awareness among students and involve parents (financially and emotionally) in the project. We organize workshops with students and parents, who can contribute to the success of the project by providing financing through an energy cooperative.

The intention of this project is to demonstrate, through 2 pilot projects, that the energy saving project for the school will be completely budget neutral: the savings must at all times be sufficient to pay the costs for guidance and financing.

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