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Publishing house Averbode, Seyntex, Printing house Van der Poorten, Herbosch-Kiere, d’Ieteren, Q-food, Sanha, Seabridge, Rode Kruis, O.L.V. instituut Pulhof en AWDC


2010 - heden

Based on the Plus+ approach it developed, Factor4 develops and realizes energy saving projects with guaranteed results for industrial SMEs and various types of organizations with an annual energy cost of €50,000 to €400,000 per year. She works both 'horizontally' and 'vertically' integrated:

  • it includes all disciplines of energy saving in the process: from re-lighting to cogeneration and energy rate optimization to boiler room renovation or insulation of facades.

  • and she monitors the process from start to finish: from preliminary study through design and implementation to aftercare.

The customer no longer has to look for the most profitable investment, the best technical solution or, if necessary, even financing. Because Factor4 works according to an energy performance model, all its customers are assured of its commitment and the efficient progress of the project. Thanks to the Plus+ approach, Factor4 guarantees real savings and financial profit for its customers.

A Plus+ performance contract consists of four main tasks:

  • Task 1: preliminary study: we will look for the best energy-saving measures based on an energy audit. The most interesting measures are decided on the basis of the annual profit, the IRR, the payback period and the total current cost.

  • Task 2: design: we design and define precisely the elements of the proposed measures. We prepare cutlery.

  • Task 3: implementation, aftercare and transfer: we look for the best installers, supervise the implementation and we provide all the information the customer needs for later maintaining and managing the installations.

  • Task 4: M&V and accounting: we measure and verify (M&V) the energy savings, manage the accounting of the project and calculate the profit, IRR and total current cost.

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