Comfort meter surveys in 20 VDAB buildings



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Factor4 conducted comfort satisfaction surveys in 20 office buildings of the VDAB. The survey consisted of the standard questions from the Comfortmeter, expanded with additional topics at the client's request. The aim was to get feedback from VDAB employees on both the comfort satisfaction of the workplace and on the functioning of the facility services.

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The survey resulted in 20 standard Comfortmeter reports, supplemented with the results of the additional questions and comparative analysis of all buildings.

We further analyzed the reports at the request of the VDAB for possible correlations between building characteristics and comfort satisfaction and also suggested relevant improvement opportunities.

Finally, we delivered a management summary in PowerPoint form, ready for internal use at the VDAB. The VDAB will now use the data and scores in further developing their patrimony policy.

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