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KVO (Catholic Flemish Education non-profit organization)



Factor4 acts as “energy expert type D” for drawing up an EPC NR certificate for the buildings on 13 sites of KVO vzw. From 2024, schools must have and display an EPC NR (non-residential buildings). We are also developing a vision for future developments, as far as they are known: from 2028 a minimum EPC label will be mandatory. From 2045, every building unit must be carbon neutral (label A).

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We are drawing up an action plan that meets these objectives. The project consists of the following steps:

  1. Start-up: We inventory and analyze the available information about the buildings: plans, energy consumption, cadastral data, schedules, etc. During a start-up meeting, we determine the precise scope and ambition level for the action plan together with the client. We discuss the possible scenarios that we are developing (profitable measures, climate-neutral scenario, 'Label A' scenario, etc.). We also establish the preconditions that we take into account, such as: energy prices, indexations, capital costs, etc. We carry out a preliminary investigation of the sites to determine - among other things - which energy meters and building units will be considered for the different sites.

  2. Drawing up EPC-NR: After an extensive site visit, we collect any missing information and analyze all available data. The EPC-NR is drawn up by entering the data into the VEKA energy performance database. In addition, we create a clear 'management summary', with the core data of all schools: size, energy consumption, renewable energy generation, EPC value and EPC label, ... This way the client can compare the different schools.

  3. Drawing up an action plan: We make a thorough analysis of the energy management of the building and propose a series of measures that can improve the comfort, condition and energy consumption (CO2 emissions) of the buildings.

  4. Reporting: We prepare a summary report of the energy audit for all schools, which consists of a general part that describes the working method and the preconditions, the building sheets for each building and measure sheets that contain basic information about the selected measures.

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